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Design and experience built environments through the dynamics of perception to nurture joy, health, peace, and abundance by actualizing human potential.
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imagine a world where all people become the best version of themselves. create environments that actualize human potential.

about maria lorena lehman

Maria Lorena Lehman is a visionary architectural author, designer, and educator focusing on links between architectural design, science, emerging technology, and human potential and performance. Lehman is founder of the Sensing Architecture ® Academy of Design and is the award-winning author of the book, ‘Adaptive Sensory Environments’. She is also recipient of the Harvard University Digital Design Prize for the “most creative use of digital media in relation to the design profession”. Lehman holds a Bachelor of Architecture with Honors from Virginia Tech, and a Master in Design with Distinction from the
Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Discover books, films, designs, podcasts, and courses that will inspire and teach you how to create innovative environments that awaken humanity so all people can thrive.
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Get recognized for your achievement by earning your Certificate from the Sensing Architecture Academy of Design when you complete the design challenge capstone project to apply what you learned in the HPA Program. This is a great way to prove your design advancement. Get started now by watching the free HPA Design MasterClass.

let's build a better world by actualizing human potential.

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The HPA design methods I teach are based on over 20 years of experience (including academic research and professional practice), and are used by my students worldwide.

Join if you are ready to pull from biophilia, captology, neuroscience, and emerging technologies to design architecture and urban environments that adapt sensorially to help all people thrive and actualize their potential.
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Click here to read the full article, entitled Multisensory Design for Human Happiness by Maria Lorena Lehman, published on the Roca Gallery digital platform.

featured news

international research builds the case for "Interaction narratives" based on the work of Maria lorena lehman

The following is a quote from a position paper presenting the results of an ongoing investigation into the phenomenon of interactive architecture:

“We argue that interactive buildings need comprehensive and consistent styles of interaction rather than a series of isolated and unrelated interaction events. Different people in various contexts require different sets of behavior from an interactive building. These sets are conceptualized as interaction narratives following the work of Maria Lorena Lehman.

[...] At the moment, narratives form the most developed theories that may account for a comprehensive way to design responsive architecture. We pose that interaction narratives currently are the best viewpoint from which to develop responsive and interactive architecture.”

Click here to access full article (

Achten, H. Interaction Narratives for Responsive Architecture. Buildings 2019, 9, 66.

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Read books authored by Maria Lorena Lehman that inspire and teach you to significantly improve your design mindset and skillset. Each book guides you to ask the right questions of your creative process and design methodology to help you position your work for the future.
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The following featured journal articles include latest research explorations by Maria Lorena Lehman.

what academy students are saying...

"Since taking the Sensing Architecture Academy course(s), I've had success because I've learned a cohesive process to apply to my own design process. The course is going well, and the teaching style is very methodical. I'm enjoying the process, and am using it to analyze my own system."


"What I like the most about the Sensing Architecture Academy courses is the well mastered progression from fundamental concepts to more refined ones organized in a way that I can grasp the whole thing at the end with a strong core concept. These concepts are apparently simple at first, but then grow deeper and deeper since they get a powerful meaning at the end of the course. Love it."

yann, france

"I appreciate the care and sensitivity Maria Lorena Lehman brings to all her projects and her ability to share these traits with students who are looking to learn creative and gentle ways of joining art, form, and function as part of the living environment."


"Thank you! The Sensing Architecture Academy lessons are wonderful. I have gone through all of the lessons many times, and I have found new dimensions and perspectives to approaching architectural designs."

anushmadhu, india

"Before enrolling in the Sensing Architecture Academy, I was challenged with learning how to touch the soul [through environmental design]. Since taking the course(s), I now understand how [through design] beauty is not only seen with our physical senses, but also with our soul and spirit. I really like Maria Lorena Lehman's teaching style."

deyanira, dominican republic

"Congratulations on the amazing work and deep research behind each of the Sensing Architecture Academy's courses. [...] Thank you so much."


podcast by maria lorena lehman

 design futurecast

Design Futurecast is Maria Lorena Lehman's journey through design explorations and experiments ― where breakthrough questions intersect with expansive design thinking to shift your own creative path toward more innovative heights. Imagine yourself in the future, asking questions about a design solution you are creating today. With elements of visionary time-travel...Every episode examines cutting-edge investigations from a new perspective ― exploring the design experiment and its result in terms of 21st century design impact. If you are an architect, author, artist, filmmaker, or game designer inspired by new ways to expand your mind so you can create even more extraordinary worlds and narratives for those that experience your work, then you will love Design Futurecast. Why? Because design inquiry grows creative genius (from which new visionary worlds are born).

Listen on Google Play Music, iTunes, or Stitcher:

what listeners are saying...

"[Design Futurecast] is a spectacular podcast, full of extremely interesting content and an approach to design that helps awaken the creative mind."
"Very good podcast that is insightful, thought provoking and provocative. I think more architects should understand the relationships talked about..."
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maria lorena lehman

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book: adaptive sensory environments
Maria Lorena Lehman, "one of the leading experts on delivering exceptional occupant experience through smart building design" and recipient of the Harvard University Digital Design Prize for the "most creative use of digital media in relation to the design profession".