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about the book

adaptive sensory environments
by maria lorena lehman


Adaptive Sensory Environments: An Introduction presents a cutting-edge methodology for adaptive sensory design by fostering an inter-disciplinary approach in which aspects of neuroscience, biophilia, captology, nanotechnology, kinetics, and sensemaking all play critical roles in helping adaptive architecture "tune" to occupants. Furthermore, the book illustrates how adaptive sensory environments transform and uplift quality of life in entirely new ways, by strategically unlocking the potential that technological innovations bring. By teaching scholars, researchers, practitioners, specialists, and consultants how to design architecture that guides what emerging interactive technology can do, it allows them to see deeper into an architectural design, to extend beyond interaction and, ultimately, to build environments that adapt by changing and growing with their occupants’ immediate needs and long-term goals.

About the author

maria lorena lehman

Maria Lorena Lehman is a visionary architectural author, researcher and designer focusing on links between architectural design, science and new technologies. Lehman is the Founder of the Sensing Architecture ® Academy. She is recipient of the Harvard University Digital Design Prize, and holds degrees from both Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Maria Lorena Lehman is internationally published and in numerous periodicals, including The Architect's Journal, Esquisses Magazine, Architect Magazine and Forbes.

book review

'Maria Lorena Lehman has established a formidable international reputation as a researcher and teacher of multi-sensory design. All her work is devoted to enhancing the human experience when working and living in buildings. This book continues to explore this motive and shows her keen awareness of the lessons from the past and current trends in foreseeing the future for architecture. It is full of creative thought. She examines how technology, nature, learning from other design sectors and many other aspects can harness benefits for occupants and in this way transform architectural design. This is a book students, academics and professionals in practice should embrace and I believe will relish.'

Derek Clements-Croome, Professor Emeritus
School of the Built Environment
Reading University, UK

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