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The following are books authored by Maria Lorena Lehman.

academic monograph

adaptive sensory environments

by maria lorena lehman


Adaptive Sensory Environments presents a cutting-edge methodology for adaptive sensory design by fostering an inter-disciplinary approach in which aspects of neuroscience, biophilia, captology, nanotechnology, kinetics, and sensemaking all play critical roles in helping adaptive architecture "tune" to occupants. Furthermore, the book illustrates how adaptive sensory environments transform and uplift quality of life in entirely new ways, by strategically unlocking the potential that technological innovations bring. By teaching scholars, researchers, practitioners, specialists, and consultants how to design architecture that guides what emerging interactive technology can do, it allows them to see deeper into an architectural design, to extend beyond interaction and, ultimately, to build environments that adapt by changing and growing with their occupants’ immediate needs and long-term goals.

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bringing architecture
to the next level

by maria lorena lehman

Bringing Architecture to the Next Level teaches you how to expand the way you think about architectural design, shift your mindset to reach breakthrough ideas, and leverage your design process to get more with less. You will learn to "rethink" new technologies to unleash your innovative edge while optimizing for occupant needs to make your designs "sing". Read this guidebook to set your work apart from the rest through strategic positioning.

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report series

sensing architecture
6-part report series

by maria lorena lehman

The Sensing Architecture 6-Part Report Series by Maria Lorena Lehman contains forward-thinking and though-provoking essays to help you innovate and revitalize the way you think about and design architectural environments. Reports include essays on smart design, architectural technology, architectural design, design science, digital media, and building green.

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