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podcast by maria lorena lehman

design futurecast

Design Futurecast is Maria Lorena Lehman's journey through design explorations and experiments ― where breakthrough questions intersect with expansive design thinking to shift your own creative path toward more innovative heights. Imagine yourself in the future, asking questions about a design solution you are creating today. With elements of visionary time-travel...Every episode examines cutting-edge investigations from a new perspective ― exploring the design experiment and its result in terms of 21st century design impact. If you are an architect, author, artist, filmmaker, or game designer inspired by new ways to expand your mind so you can create even more extraordinary worlds and narratives for those that experience your work, then you will love Design Futurecast. Why? Because design inquiry grows creative genius (from which new visionary worlds are born).

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Podcast Episode DF010

Focusing For Design Impact - How tools impact what your design says to the world

Podcast by Maria Lorena Lehman | Founder of the Sensing Architecture® Academy

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podcast introduction

Do you take your design tools for granted (without knowing it)? How do you explore your design challenge or the subject of your creation in a unique and innovative way? And do you use tools in a way that allows you to create work that speaks meaningfully to the world? Find new ways to create experiences that bring epic enjoyment, both to you while designing and to those that experience your work. This episode of Design Futurecast will open your eyes to new ways of seeing the critical stages of your creative process.

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What listeners are saying...

design innovation 21st century

Maria has not only hit a nail on the head but found a new nail to hit. Her creative, innovative show is for progressively minded designers who want a place to explore the new possible.

excellent information

It is a spectacular podcast, full of extremely interesting content and an approach to design that helps awaken the creative mind.

This is beyond amazing

Honestly "it's great" isn't enough. This is beyond Amazing, I LOVE the topics mentioned in t he episodes. This is the first time I have listened to someone talking about architecture and design in this particular way. I wish architecture was taught like this everywhere. Truly inspiring!

stop scrolling if you are a designer...

...And just press play! Maria does a great job at tackling aspects of the industry that you just don't hear about everywhere else. Great show!

design on steroids

Innovation doesn't come naturally to most people. We are puppets (if you will) drifting aimlessly and following the masses. Maria Lorena Lehman jolts us back to reality with a clear, no nonsense approach to creativity and design. Awake and lead with this podcast...

Fascinating! 4d design like you've never seen!

Maria Lorena Lehman is brilliant! Her approach to design is multi-dimensional and definitely "outside-the-box". Incorporating behavioral or audio elements into visual design is difficult to explain, let alone, incorporate in one's work ― but Maria flawlessly demonstrates her expertise and unique focus in a way that is comprehensive and understandable. Excellent podcast for any serious designer!

inspiring show

This show has my wheels turning. The ideas and inspiration that come from it are worth the listen. As is, I already unlock ideas when I go for runs, but listening to this as I went for my run this morning, I had to stop and take notes on my phone. Must listen!

fantastic podcast

This podcast takes your creativity to the next level! It's cutting edge and provides new perspectives I haven't thought about before. Keep it coming!

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Maria Lorena Lehman is a multi award-winning visionary author, designer, and educator from the United States. Maria holds a Bachelor of Architecture with Honors from Virginia Tech and a Master in Design with Distinction from Harvard University Graduate School of Design. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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