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3D-Print Sculpture

InterSpace is 3D Printed in White Strong & Flexible: White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel. This model is printed with a 2.34" width x 5" height x 10.29" depth. This is a one-of-a-kind original piece.

All Images © Copyright by Maria Lorena Lehman | MLL Design Lab, LLC




White strong and flexible plastic

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project details

InterSpace is an exploration on the morphology of form. This model asks: What if occupant needs, goals, and behaviors influence the architectural space and subsequent building skin form? Thus, as people move about this building, the building would move transiently in real-time — to renew function, beauty, and meaning through motion. In other words, the activities going on within this architecture, reflect on the exterior.

Making this model involved "creative action" that is evident through this prototype's undulating surface. As new motions where introduced to the model, new functions where also created...and visa versa. InterSpace shows how motion can travel through form.

InterSpace unlocks a new direction for how environments can interpret occupant behavior, and can respond with their own behavior to help those occupants. Architecture takes on a malleability that allows it to move in new directions (both literally and figuratively).

While InterSpace works to create new forms within itself, it is informed by its interior and exterior context. The transient form is a malleable skin that filters between occupants and their natural environment — providing new relationships and connections. The form that you see is the tangible and physical morphology created by the architecture as it creates functional, beautiful, and meaningful synergies between its occupants and the natural environment.


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