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Digital Designs

Letter Fibers

Digital Micrography

This digital micrograph photograph of a printed newspaper captures the moment ink meets the page.

All Images © Copyright by Maria Lorena Lehman | MLL Design Lab, LLC


Letter Fibers


DSLR Camera photography through microscope

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Digital Micrography (Photograph through microscope of newspaper with printed letter)

This photography experiment is really eye-opening from a design perspective. You can see how the ink from the printed letter sits on the newspaper page, with the ink accentuating the paper's fibers with each magnification from the microscope. This certainly helps designers and artists to see more clearly how their choice of ink, selection of paper to work with, and method of application contributes to their design creation. It would be interesting to explore such magnifications over time, and to compare and contrast different inks and paints with different paper types. Much can be interpreted from this experiment, where ink patterns and paper fibers come together to create dynamic and very beautiful compositions (possibly at all magnification levels). Just as architectural buildings embed themselves into the fibers of a city, the ink creates patterns of beauty, function, and meaning upon the blank page.

‍Digital Micrography (Photograph through microscope of newspaper with printed letter)


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